Newsletter 2022-2023 Volume 9


Monthly Closing Deadlines

The March 2023 period in the general ledger has closed.  The current and future month-end processing deadline schedules are located at Monthly Closing Deadlines.

PantherSoft Financials Upgrade

As part of the continuing effort to improve services and keep ERP applications current, PantherSoft is in the process of upgrading the Financials application from PeopleSoft Image 27 to 46 the weekend of May 6, 2023.  Accordingly, the PantherSoft Financial system will be unavailable from 6:00a.m. Saturday, May 6th through Sunday May 7th, 2023.

 If you experience any problems accessing PantherSoft Financials after the upgrade, please contact the Division of IT Support Center via the Online Service Request System or by calling 305-348-2284 during our normal working hours: 8:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Please report all other upgrade issues by contacting the Office of the Controller at or calling Financials Systems Support Services Call Center at 305-348-7200

Shopper Role

How much time are you spending searching for items you need to purchase to support your department’s operations? Also, how difficult has it become to manage delays in the ordering process because of staffing challenges in your area? Well, the Office of the Controller understands the challenges and recognizes the value of your time and resources, thus our teams have been working collaboratively with colleagues in other university departments to implement a solution intended to improve the efficiency of the buying process and make your shopping experience easier. 

The Office of the Controller team is proud to offer our user community a solution to access and very easily search contracted items on myFIUmarket in PantherSoft (PS) Financials via the new Shopper Role created in our PS system. As we continue to expand the number of suppliers enabled in myFIUmarket, which currently include ODP (Office Depot), Fisher Scientific, CDW, Grainger and coming soon is Amazon Business, the new Shopper Role, also serves to expand the number of users that can be assigned shopping access in myFIUmarket. 

Users assigned the new Shopper Role will have access to a repository of online catalogs in myFIUmarket of competitively solicited contract items from many suppliers. Similar to your own personal online shopping experience, the Shopper Role enables users to browse any catalog, add selected items into a cart then once done with shopping, assign that cart to a staff in their department with a Requester Role to complete the requisitioning process in the PantherSoft Financials eProcurement module.

 What are the benefits of obtaining the Shopper Role?

  •  State-of-the-art, user-friendly search capabilities and price comparisons. Time and money savings by purchasing items from competitively solicited contracts that are readily available at deeply discounted prices rather than issuing a quote for items.
  • Expanded number of users within a department that can search for items needed in the various catalogs and place them in carts.
  • Easily saves your order while your cart can be assigned to the appropriate person within your department that has the Requester Role who can then create a requisition in PeopleSoft to purchase the items in your cart.
  • Fast PO processing. All purchases made through myFIUmarket have their POs automatically approved and dispatched.
  • Reduces PCard transactions and all the documentation needed for reconciliation.
  • Obtains upfront approval of all purchases through workflow in PeopleSoft.

 Training Resources

Updated training materials and a new quick guide for shoppers will be available under Training Resources on the Office of the Controller website.

 Who can obtain the Shopper Role?

The Shopper Role (Access Role 005) is designed for FIU faculty and staff, especially those with a Pcard, who do not have the Requester Role (Access Role 002 or 002A) but need access to myFIUmarket to view the various catalogs and shop without involvement in the requisition creation process.   We recommend including staff who are currently purchasing items from Amazon Business with a PCard or anyone who needs to shop on myFIUmarket. Individuals requesting the role will need to complete the Access Request form in PantherSoft Financials.

Accounts Payable Reminders

Fiscal Year End

As the fiscal year-end approaches, we would like to remind you to complete the receiving in PantherSoft as soon as services are rendered or ordered items are received.  In most circumstances, you should not need to review the invoice to complete the receiving in PantherSoft.

Invoices attached to requisitions are not forwarded to Accounts Payable.  All invoices must be sent directly to Accounts Payable in PDF format to

Receiving Transaction Notification

PantherSoft sends automatic notifications when an invoice has been processed but a receipt is pending.  If you feel that you received the e-mail in error, i.e., the receipt had already been created, please contact Liza Del Campo at or Beatriz Blanco-Hernandez for resolution.

Invoices Pending Receipt

Attached is a list of vouchers in PeopleSoft that are pending a receipt to be paid.  This report is as of April 5th.  Please review and create a receipt if the item has been received or the services have been rendered.  If you would like to receive this report on a weekly basis, specific to your activity/project, please send the request to

UPS Shipments

We have seen an increase in the frequency of UPS deliveries being charged to the FIU master account.  Whenever possible, the P-card should be used when scheduling the pick-up.  Please make sure that the P-card is the default payment method.

To make your P-card default please follow the steps below:

If you are unable to use the P-card, it is very important that you include your activity or project number in the reference fields. This is REQUIRED before moving on to the next step.

This will ensure that the correct department is charged once we receive the invoice.

Also, when creating the label, make sure that the return address is correct. 

If you need to have a username and password assigned – please contact Judith Gonzalez at 800.550.4184 ext. 114-2324 or

Travel News – Paying for a Rental Vehicle

The cost of rental vehicles may be charged to an FIU PCard, a personal credit card, or charged through a Global Electronic Billing Agreement that is used to acquire an AVIS/Budget Wizard number.  Departments must have the established AVIS/Budget Wizard number to rent for employees, students, and non-employees and comply with university guidelines.

 To receive an AVIS/Budget Wizard number:

1. Complete the AVIS Global Electronic Billing Agreement Form

    • Please add the last 4 digits of the card and its expiration date
    • Choose Compact 4-door in the car group section.
    • Print the completed document.
    • Please initials next to the X’s in the Declines Coverages section
    • Sign and date the form
    • Scan the form and email the completed document to, subject line GEB Application, time-sensitive, and highlight it with a red exclamation point high importance flag.

 2. Completing this form will charge the rental costs to the associated FIU PCard.

A Wizard Number is not needed for rentals reserved and paid by the individual traveler for themselves.

Do not disclose Wizard Numbers to others, as they are tied to your PCard.

Reminders & Deadlines

Departmental Card Deadline

As a reminder, departmental card billing transactions regularly load the first business day of the month; program participants will have 10 days to process this activity in its entirety. This month’s billing statement (dated March 31, 2023) loaded into PantherSoft on April 3, 2023 and must be completely processed by the end of the business day, April 14, 2023.

 Any charges not processed by the closing deadline will be automatically charged to the cardholder’s default accounting on file and will not be eligible for expense transfer. Additionally, cardholders with three unjustified non-approvals in the same fiscal year may have their card limits temporarily suspended until they complete a retraining session.

Pending Travel Reports

Please approve Travel Authorizations, Cash Advances, and Expense reports in a timely manner. Documents that have not been completely finalized and are older than 90 days will be canceled or deleted by the Travel Department.  A list of pending documents is located here.  For information regarding report status abbreviations and how to close or cancel Travel Authorizations and/or Expense Reports, please click here.