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Procurement Services supports the mission, purpose, and goals of FIU by assisting with the purchase of quality goods and services at competitive prices. Purchasing involves the acquisition, sale, lease, license of goods, and services. Procurement Services also assists with the planning and preparation of competitive solicitation specifications; initiating formal quotations; proposals, and bids, conducting public competitive solicitation openings, when applicable; assisting with evaluation of competitive solicitation responses and awarding and administering contracts until final completion or termination, plus dispatching purchase orders.
Except as otherwise delegated by the President, Procurement Services is the only University department authorized to commit funds for the acquisition of goods or services and is the initial point of contact for service contracts and agreements before any obligation or commitment by the University.

Mission Statement

Procurement Services mission is to be strategic procurement experts who deliver best in class, total cost reduction solutions while providing outstanding customer service and process efficiencies while complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Strategic Goals

Procurement Services strives to continue process and service improvements of the University's procurement and acquisition functions. The specific goals are to:

  • Streamline and continual improvement of the procurement function of the University
  • Lead the University in the use of technology to improve the performance of all administrative functions of the procurement process; and
  • Continued enhancement of all services provided by Procurement Services to its customer

Reporting Resources

Fraudulent Purchase Order Attempts

Please be aware there are active ongoing fraudulent attempts to place purchase orders (POs), enter into contracts, and/or request for quotations that purport to originate from Florida International University using lookalike domain registrations. While the University cannot prevent this illegal activity, we are actively working with law enforcement to investigate the use of our brand and likeness in these fraudulent attempts.

Here are some common traits or themes we have found in these fraudulent attempts that may assist you in identifying fraudulent requests:

  • The email message may be poorly written, with misspellings and awkward sentence structure.
  • The sender's email address or website link may look legitimate, but on careful review, they are clearly not authentic to FIU (all FIU emails end in @fiu.edu).
  • The message may request shipment of products to a non-FIU address. See FIU's list of campuses on our main website. Please email vendors@fiu.edu if you have received an order which is to be mailed to an address not listed on the above page.
  • Please remain aware that the message may include an attachment that is designed to look like a purchase order, or it may include a logo or other graphic and a signature that may look legitimate, but these are copies or forgeries, not original documents. Only certain people are delegated authority to sign on behalf of the University, so please investigate the name of the person purporting to sign the agreement.

If after reviewing this advice, you are still unsure if the PO you received is fraudulent, please email FIU's Procurement Services at vendors@fiu.edu if to determine the validity of the PO/contract prior to fulfillment.

Procurement Services at FIU appreciates the very important role our suppliers play in providing goods and services to our faculty and staff in support of their academic, research, and administrative endeavors. FIU takes these fraudulent actions very seriously and is working with the appropriate authorities.

If your company has been fraudulently contacted, please report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Submissions to that law enforcement site are monitored by the appropriate Federal Agencies for on-line handling scams.

If your company has shipped an order based on a fraudulent PO which appeared to be issued under the FIU name and is facing a financial loss, please also contact your local Law Enforcement agency and refer them directly to FIU's case number: 2015-00145.