Accounts Payable

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The Accounts Payable section is responsible for processing invoices for goods and services on behalf of the University. This process includes working with other University departments to ensure that timely and accurate payments are made in compliance with established University policies and procedures. The Accounts Payable section also ensures that the rules and regulations of governmental agencies federal, state, and local are followed.

Invoice Processing

  • Invoices should be submitted to Accounts Payable directly (please note the exceptions below).
  • The following departments and/or types of expenses have unique payables processing procedures which require that vendors send the invoices directly to the departments. These invoices SHOULD NOT be sent to Accounts Payable (, as it will delay the processing of your payment:
    • Utilities
    • Facilities and/or Construction Contracts
    • Library
    • Foreign Vendors
    • SOBEWFF®.
  • Minimum Invoice Requirements:
    • Vendor name
    • Remit to Address
    • Valid FIU purchase order PRINTED on the invoice (not handwritten)
    • Invoice number
    • Invoice date
    • Description of goods and/or services
    • Total amount due
  • A purchase order number must be printed on the face of the invoice (not handwritten).
  • E-mail is the preferred method of delivery
    • – this e-mail should be used for invoices ONLY, no inquiries of any kind.
    • Invoices must be scanned in PDF format only. Only one invoice per PDF file is accepted. The system will NOT recognize any other format.  The e-mail will NOT be successfully delivered if the attachment is not in PDF format or if there is not attachment at all.
    • Please note that this e-mail address is NOT monitored for correspondence and should only be used to submit invoices. For questions, please contact the Sr. Accounting Clerk (according to vendor name).
  • Mailing Address:
    • Florida International University
      Office of the Controller
      11200 SW 8th Street, CSC 410
      Miami, FL 33199
  • There are specific transaction types that are not required to have purchase orders. If you do not have a purchase order number, please call your FIU contact prior to submitting an invoice to AP. If a PO is required and it is not on the invoice, payment will not be processed. If a PO is not needed, please forward the invoice directly to your FIU contact.
  • In most cases, AP will only need the invoice (with the PO number printed on the invoice) to process an invoice. Please do not include copies of the actual purchase order or requisition.
  • Invoices should have the PO number printed clearly on the first page of the invoice. The OCR system used in Accounts Payable does not recognize handwriting. Having the PO printed on the invoice will reduce errors and unnecessary delays. Please work with your vendors to encourage them to include the PO number on all invoices.
  • Entering Receipts – As a reminder, the receiving against the PO should be done as soon as the items are received, or services are rendered. Please do not wait until an invoice is received.
  • If you have completed the receiving entry for an order or an invoice and continue to receive an e-mail requesting a receiving transaction, please contact Liza Del Campo or Beatriz Blanco Hernandez to clear the match exception. Please do not resend the invoice to Accounts Payable.


Vendor Letter Assignment

(First letter of Vendor)

A, E, F, X, Y
B, C, D, G, M, Z
H, I, J, K, L, R, S, T, U, V, W
O, P, Q, N, Journal Vouchers
EFT returns, Foreign payment, SUA inquiries, Library invoices, GLOW Packages

Payments to Foreign Suppliers

Foreign suppliers can be paid via Check, direct deposit (ACH/EFT), or Wire Transfer.

Direct Deposit (ACH/EFT) – Foreign supplier’s beneficiary back account must be within the US. Supplier must complete the EFT Authorization Form and summit it to to be setup for this payment method.

Wire Transfer – Foreign suppliers with bank accounts outside of the US are to complete the Wire Transfer Form. Supplier must submit the form to to have the form attached to their supplier file.