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About Us

Asset Management’s objective is to establish guidelines and procedures governing the accountability, control, transfer, and ultimate disposal of tangible personal property acquired by the University. We are committed to providing quality support services to the University Community complying with all applicable state, federal, and University rules, regulations and procedures.

Capital Asset Definitions

Accountable Property – Tangible, movable, personal property of a non-consumable, nonexpendable nature, with a value of $5,000 or more and which has a normal expected life of one year or more. Accountable property may also be referred to as Other Capital Outlay (OCO).

Attractive Property – Attractive items are University property costing less than the threshold amount of $5,000, but which are particularly vulnerable to theft and misuse. “Attractive” items will vary from department to department. These items should be marked as University property and catalogued by the user department. Special property tags are available upon request from Property Control.

Computer Software – Computer software programs valued $5,000 or more are listed in the property record with a special software code.