Tuition Fee Calculator


This is not a bill. This is only an estimate. Total tuition and fees are subject to change, visit FIU-1101: Tuition and Fees Schedule for the tuition breakdown. Other costs such as Distance Learning Fee, lab fees, books, supplies and other materials are not included in this calculation. Distance Learning Fee: Florida Statute 1009.24(17)(b) allows the university to charge a Distance Learning Fee ($30 per credit) for all online courses that generate fundable student credit hours. The fee is charged per credit and is subject to change depending on the amount of credits taken. One Card/Photo ID Service Fee: This is an annual fee ($10), not related to your per-credit fee, therefore, it is included in the total tuition, but not listed above. Panther Book Pack ($20 per credit) is charged to all undergraduate courses unless the student opts out from their MyFIU portal, for more information visit Panther Book Pack.  

  1. An athletic fee will be collected each term along with the tuition. This fee was endorsed by the 1994-1995 Student Fee Committee to upgrade the University’s intercollegiate athletic program to NCAA Division I competition for both men and women. Additional information can be found at FIU Athletics.
  2. Transportation Access Fee is assessed to all students per semester as part of their enrollment fees except for students registered for a fully online degree program. Additional information can be found in the University Course Catalog.
  3. Health Fee is assessed to all students per semester as part of their enrollment fees. Additional information can be found at FIU Student Health Services.

Fees covered by the Florida Prepaid College Program. If a student participates in the Florida Prepaid College Program, the program will cover the state portion of tuition which is the same for all 10 state Universities. The student would be responsible for paying all other fees by the fee payment deadline date.

Certain scholarships, grants and loans will pay for less than full time attendance and others will not. A minimum amount of Credit Hours or a minimum Grade Point Average may be required to qualify for scholarships, grants, and loans. Check with your awarding agency, contract, or the Financial Aid Office to determine if you are still eligible to receive Financial Assistance if you are not attending the University on a full time basis. Full time attendance is 12 credit hours per term for Undergraduate or 9 credit hours per term for Graduate.

Per the policy and procedures of the Registrar’s Office, if a student registers after the regular registration deadline date, they will be assessed a late registration fee of $100.00. Likewise, if a student does not pay their tuition by the fee payment deadline, there is a $100.00 late payment fee assessed.

Repeat Surcharge fee is charged pursuant to Section 1009.285, F.S., and University Registrar Policy.

Students seeking cost estimates for FIU Online, College of Law, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, or Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences, please visit the following respective links:

NOTE: Under certain circumstances an Undergraduate student may be allowed to enroll in Graduate classes prior to being admitted into a program. Likewise, a Graduate student may be required to enroll in Undergraduate classes to meet a deficiency, a new requirement, or to refresh a forgotten skill for a program. In either circumstance, this tool was not designed to accept these scenarios, however because they are plausible, FIU has provided this section for such instances. Please consult with your program advisor for permission and for any override that may be necessary. You must also confirm with the Admissions Office as to your enrollment status in order to calculate accurately how much you will be paying for the classes outside of your intended program.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: Using this payment method, there is a non-refundable Credit Card Surcharge of 2.65% of the total amount paid with domestic credit cards and 4.25% with international credit cards. To make a credit card payment, just access the Student Portal with your new Panther ID and Password, go to “Financial Account”, click “Make a Payment”, and click “Pay Now”. The system will walk you through the process and produce a confirmation number.

ELECTRONIC CHECK PAYMENTS: Payments by electronic check can also be completed online from your home, with NO additional fees. To make a check payment, just access the Student Portal with your new Panther ID and Password, go to “Financial Account”, click “Make a Payment”, and click “Pay Now”. The system will walk you through the process.

For an estimate of the average annual cost of attendance, see Undergraduate Tuition & Fees.

To begin your admissions process, see Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions.

For questions about registration or to register for classes, see Register for Classes.