United Parcel Service of North America, Inc., typically referred to and branded as UPS, is the largest shipment and logistics company in the world. UPS delivers more than 15 million packages a day to more than 6.1 million customers in more than 220 countries and territories around the world.

How to Order

To get access to the FIU-UPS CampusShip web site to begin shipping with UPS, please contact your local UPS Account Manager, Judith Gonzalez, at judithgonzalez@ups.com or (800.550.4184 x114-2134

If you already have your UPS CampusShip login ID, you can go directly to the following web link to ship, track, and order supplies: https://www.campusship.ups.com/login/fiu-campus?loc=en_US

For general customer service support needs, FIU can call upon the UPS Strategic Customer Support Team at enterprisesupport@ups.com or 1.800.877.1497.

As a reminder, in compliance with federal Export Control Regulations, FIU has a mandatory online international shipping request and review process.  All international shipments require an export control attestation by the shipper and/or review by FIU’s Office of Export Controls.  Current U. S. Government Export Control regulations require that certain international shipments be institutionally reviewed to determine federal export authorization (license) requirements.  Where required, the failure to obtain such authorization from the appropriate Government agency may result in significant civil fines and/or criminal prosecution at the individual and/or institutional level, as well as suspension of export privileges. 

To ensure that your international shipments comply with these regulations and reach their intended destination without additional cost and/or delay, FIU has the following procedures in place for the processing of international shipments. 

  1. ALL international shipments/mail require an export control attestation and/or review.
  2. If you are shipping through university Mail Services, export review questions are integrated into the Voucher form.
  3.  If you are shipping directly through a carrier (i.e., UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) please complete an Export Control – International Shipping Attestation
  4. Approval may be required from our Office of Export Controls prior to shipment of certain items to specific destinations.  Refer to instructions within the International Shipping Attestation for requirements for potential additional required reviews.

Complete information may be found on the FIU Export Controls website (“Ship Something Abroad”) or you can contact our Office of Export Controls at export@fiu.edu. Our Export Controls team will promptly partner with you as needed to answer questions and support your shipment(s) so that they are processed as expeditiously as possible.


UPS Contact

UPS Account Manager
Judith Gonzalez
800.550.4184 x114-2134

FIU Procurement Specialist

Yakov (Jacob) Zade

Contract Information

This contract was solicited and awarded by the Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing

Sourcewell Contract #090121-UPS

Pricing for Sourcewell Contract # 090121-UPS


06/14/2022 – 11/11/2025

UPS Guaranteed Domestic Package Service Options:

UPS Next Day Air Early A.M.
UPS Next Day Air
UPS Next Day Air Saver
UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.
UPS 2nd Day Air
UPS Next Day Air Early A.M.
UPS Ground

Next Business Day
Next Business Day
Next Business Day
2 Business Days
2 Business Days
Next Business Day
1-5 Business Days

Delivery as early as 8:00 a.m.
Delivery typically by 10:30 a.m.
Delivery typically by 3:00 p.m.
Delivery typically by 10:30 a.m.
Delivery typically by end of day
Delivery by end of day
Delivery based on distance

Special Notes

Departments should analyze the most cost effective ways to ship based on the various shipping options between FedEx and UPS.