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Strategic Real Estate Services

The new university-wide contract for Strategic Real Estate Services via public solicitation invitation to Negotiate ITN-2020-00028 with two reputable real estate advisors, Cushman & Wakefield as well as Newmark. These firms will assist FIU to obtain commercial real estate services on real estate opportunities in support of the development and execution of The Florida International University Board of Trustees’ (University) Real Estate Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plans. The services may include advisory services (including research, analysis, and guidance as integral parts of the advisory services) as well as financing, program development and/or project management, and brokerage services. See additional Scope of Work referenced below.

Cushman & Wakefield

Contract Reference # PUR-03713 CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD
Tony Jones – Vice Chairman/Tenant Advisory Group

Email: Tony.Jones@cushwake.com
Mobile: (305) 710-1425   Office: (305) 351-2453


Contract Reference # PUR-03714 NEWMARK
Clay Sidner – Senior Managing Director

Email: Clay.Sidner@nmrk.com
Mobile: (407) 929-3612   Office: (305) 350-9783

NOTE: Please ensure that the PUR Contract # is referenced within your quote when receiving a proposal from the companies.

FIU Internal Contacts

The main FIU contact for this initiative is

Aime Martinez – CFO and Vice President for Finance and Administration
Phone: (305) 348-2679   Email: amartin@fiu.edu

David Snider Jr.  – Assistant Vice President/Office of Auxiliary and Enterprise Development
Phone: (305) 348-1193   Email: dsnider@fiu.edu

Agatha Bober – Procurement Services
Phone: (305) 348-7374   Email: abober@fiu.edu


January 8, 2021 to January 8, 2024 with an option to renew for additional two one-year renewal periods.

Contract Information


  1. Advisory Services
    • Assist FIU through research, analysis, and recommendations in developing and articulating its real estate vision based on FIU’s goals and priorities. Review and assist FIU in integrating the strategic vision into the real estate plans for each campus.
    • Assess FIU’s current real estate portfolio in relation to the stated vision, goals, and priorities. The assessment should include an investment review of both owned and leased properties and address portfolio optimization, space consolidation, cost containment, space management, data management, and risk management.
    • Conduct an in-depth analysis on FIU’s real estate needs and opportunities, including if requested by FIU, energy and sustainability analysis, which may extend beyond Florida to other national and international locations where FIU is currently conducting or will hold operations.
    • Apply public and private sector commercial real estate experience in providing the research, financial, and investment analysis needed to achieve FIU’s objectives. Identify, analyze, and recommend monetization opportunities to leverage real estate holdings and tenancy.
  2. Program Development and / or Project Management
    • Provide input and assist FIU as the “owner’s representative” for the commercial real estate aspects of the Campus Master Plans.
    • Research, analyze, and make recommendations regarding real estate solutions to FIU challenges supported by documented financial and investment analysis of the real estate.
    • If requested by FIU, represent FIU’s interests in structuring projects, especially with private developers.
    • If requested by FIU, provide real estate program and construction project management.
    • Assist with the execution of real estate development programs and projects as needed.
  3. Financing
    • Research, analyze, and assist in developing options for alternative financing supported by documented financial and investment analysis, as needed.
    • If requested by FIU, represent FIU’s financial interests in negotiating ground leases, tenant leases, development agreements, management agreements, bond documents, and related real estate and financial transaction documents.
  4. Brokerage Services
    • Act as broker or agent, as applicable, for leasing, buying, or selling property on behalf of FIU.
    • Additional services, not specifically outlined herein, may be requested of the successful advisor(s), and may be awarded, as needed, via addendum to the Master Agreement.

Other – Additional services, not specifically outlined herein, may be requested of the successful advisor(s), and may be awarded, as needed, via addendum to the Master Agreement.