Founded in 1952, Bio-Rad serves life science research and clinical diagnostics customers worldwide through its global network of operations. Throughout its existence, Bio-Rad has built long-lasting customer relationships that advance the company’s research and development efforts and support the introduction of innovative products and solutions that accelerate the discovery process and improve healthcare.

The Life Science Group develops, manufactures, and provides a wide range of laboratory instruments, apparatus, consumables, and reagents used for research in the growing fields of functional genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and manufacture, cell biology, food safety, and science education.

The Clinical Diagnostics Group develops, manufactures, sells, and supports a large portfolio of products for medical screening and diagnostics. Bio-Rad is a leading specialty diagnostics company and its products are recognized as the gold standard for diabetes monitoring and quality control systems.

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Mario Moreno


FIU Procurement Specialist


Contract Information

Contract Number: ITN15NH-115


Term: 01/01/2017 – 12/04/2021

Special Notes

  • Delivery terms are FOB Destination, PPD and Add. 
  • Refund Policy: Varies on a case by case basis.  Please call Account Manager for more info