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Application Support Specialists

FIU has Master Agreements with the suppliers listed below and may utilize these suppliers for services, as outlined in the Master Agreements, by completing an Addendum to that Master Agreement. Below is the step-by-step contracting process, the list of services covered, and the link to the price sheet and addendum template for each contracted supplier.

  1. University department sends a request for quote, to include a detailed scope of work, anticipated timelines, and any other relevant information to any or all suppliers via email. Once the quotes are received the university department is responsible for negotiating terms for the project and selecting the supplier to award the assignment to.
  2. Once the university department has selected a supplier the following is required:

a. University department must enter a Requisition in PantherSoft Financials to secure funding for the services requested. The requisition must contain a header comment stating an addendum to the master agreement is being processed in TCM. Include the PUR# after completing steps b-e.

b. In parallel, the University department must complete the corresponding Addendum for the supplier that will complete the assignment. The completed addendum draft along with the quote provided by the supplier must be entered into TCM by the department’s TCM Contract Manager. No changes to the terms and conditions of the Master Agreements can be made in the Addendum.

c. The Contract Manager will follow the instructions contained in the TCM Manual, which includes typing the system-generated PUR# within the top, right-hand corner of the addendum.

d. The Contract Manager will need to link the Addendum to the corresponding Master Agreement using the Parent Contract functionality. The instructions can be found here.

e. The Contract Manager completes the contract setup and submits the addendum into approval workflow.

f. Once the addendum is fully approved, the Contract Manager will need to launch the eSignature application – DocuSign.

  1. Upon receiving the system-generated notification the contract is fully executed, the Contract Manager must notify the buyer for the purchase order to be issued.
  2. Procurement Services will provide the supplier with a Purchase Order referencing the PUR#. A copy of the fully executed addendum is automatically sent to the supplier’s signatory. The Contract Manager will have access to the signed addendum in TCM.
  3. The University department is responsible for the management of pertinent Addendum and the project outlined therein, including but not limited to: ensuring that the deadlines outlined in that certain Addendum are met, the deliverables are received in accordance with the requirements of the Addendum and meet the University department’s needs and standards. Should the scope of the initial project change or expand, or the term for that project needs to be extended, or there is any other material change of the initial terms outlined in the Addendum, the University department shall, in a timely manner, execute an appropriate Amendment to the Addendum and have it processed in TCM, following the instructions contained in the TCM Manual.

Suppliers will be providing functional and technical, Application Support Specialist Positions in one or more of the following Specialized Administrative Areas:

  • Oracle PeopleSoft Technology
    • Campus Solutions
    • Human Capital Management
    • Enterprise Portal/Interaction Hub
    • Financials and Grants
    • PeopleSoft System Administration
  • Oracle or SQL Server Database Management
  • Oracle Business Intelligence development and administration
  • 3rd party Integration, Web and Application development
  • Learning Management System development and administration
  • Salesforce development and administration
  • Jaggaer integration development
  • Hyland/ImageNow development and administration
  • Project Management

Master Agreements

TCM Parent Contract Number






















Supplier Name

22nd Century Technologies, Inc.

Price Sheet

The Business and Technology Resource Group, Inc.

Price Sheet

Business Information Technology Solutions.com (ABT Solutions)

Price Sheet

Ciber Global, LLC.

Price Sheet

Cogent Infotech Corporation

Price Sheet

CherryRoad Technologies, Inc.

Price Sheet

Computer Aid, Inc.

Price Sheet

ERP Analaysts, Inc.

Price Sheet

GlobalSource, Inc.

Price Sheet

GNC Consulting, Inc.

Price Sheet

Huron Consulting Services LLC.

Price Sheet

Kforce, Inc.

Price Sheet

Modis, Inc.

Price Sheet

Revolution Technologies, LLC.

Price Sheet

Robert Joseph Consulting Services, Inc.

Price Sheet

Signature Consultants

Price Sheet

Sierra-Cedar, Inc.

Price Sheet

Software Resources, Inc.

Price Sheet

TransAmerica Training Management, Inc.

Price Sheet

nProdigy, LLC.

Price Sheet

Rational7, LLC.

Price Sheet