University Signage (RFP34-003)

Initial Term of Contract: 1/20/2015 to 1/19/2017

First Renewal Term of Contract: 01/20/2017 to 01/19/2018

Second Renewal Term of Contract: 01/20/2018 to 01/19/2019

Third Renewal Term of Contract: 01/20/2019 to 01/19/2020

Extension of Contract: 01/20/2020 to 01/19/2021 (Current term)

FIU has entered into a Master Agreement with Florida Graphic Services and BINCA to provide printing and installation of interior and exterior signage. To ensure consistency, the following protocol for signage projects under the guarded Master Agreement has been implemented:

  1. FIU Representative in need of services any of the two awarded vendors regarding signage need (via phone or e-mail). To obtain the best price possible contact both vendors for quotes.
  2. Vendor shall submit to FIU Representative a quote for printing and/or installation, as well as timeline for project. The quote must outline project specifications and an estimated cost for all services based on the requests of the FIU representative. Costs from a quote can only change if project specifications change, in which case a new quote will be required. Final, signed quotes for a project are binding. A Quote must be provided even if the project is an item priced out on Price Sheet. Quoted prices for items priced out on the Price Sheet may not exceed the price on the Price Sheet. FIU Representative shall compare the price quotes to the pricing outlined in the Price Sheet.
  3. FIU Representative may approve or decline any or all quote(s) received. Formal approval of a quote will be issued to the Vendor whose quote is approved via email.
  4. Upon approval of quote(s) as outlined above, digital renderings or proofs must be submitted by the Vendor to FIU Representative for review. FIU Representative provides feedback and either declines or approves the rendering(s) or proof(s) via email. If declined, new rendering(s) or proof(s) will be revised per FIU Representative’s feedback at no additional cost to FIU until FIU Representative approves the rendering(s) or proof(s).
  5. Vendor will send e-mail to External Relations at the following email address: with a copy to FIU Representative and the following attachments: final rendering(s) or proof(s), approval from FIU Representative, approved quote(s) and location(s) of installation (if applicable).
  6. External Relations will send approval or request for revisions via email to Vendor with a copy to FIU Representative. If External Relations does not approve, they will speak directly with specific FIU Representative and Vendor to resolve issue and new rendering(s) or proof(s) will be needed to reflect changes. Once the Services are approved by External Relations via email, Vendor may proceed with approved Services.
  7. Payment: Payment for approved Services shall be rendered only upon completion of said Services.
  8. If vendor does not accept credit card payment, FIU will issue a purchase order. Vendor shall submit an invoice to FIU Accounts Payable via email: and copy FIU Representative.
  9. If Vendor accepts credit card as a form of payment, Vendor shall submit an invoice for payment via email to FIU Representative.

Price Sheet: Binca

Price Sheet: Florida Graphic Services