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Department of Management Services

Contract for FURNITURE

Department of Management Services / State of Florida
Contract Reference #: 56120000-24-NY-ACS
Contract Valid through 12/01/2028



Certified Dealer: Compass Office Solution

Supplier ID: 17834

Carlos Rosario

(305) 968-6468

Certified Dealer: JC White / Berwin

Supplier ID: 26331

Melissa Gutierrez

(561) 809-4204

Certified Dealer: Wrk Lab, Inc.

Supplier ID: 17834

Wendy Marchuck

(954) 736-1188 

Supplier ID: 5076

George Ortiz

(786) 714-0634

Certified Dealer: CBI Workplace Solution

Supplier ID: 5173

Robert Roque

(786) 910-0726

Certified Dealer: Empire Office

Supplier ID: 14320

Marc Woonton

(954) 914-3287

Certified Dealer: Empire Office

Supplier ID: 26331

Marc Woonton

(954) 914-3287

Certified Dealer: Furniture Consultants

Supplier ID: 28851

Blanca Hartman

(772) 985-7292