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Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

University-Wide water purification coverage for equipment, accessories used/demo equipment and subsequent service contracts in the manufacturer’s catalog.  This agreement will cover all levels of comprehensive maintenance on the University’s existing water purification equipment and preventative maintenance.

The price list is set for the term of the agreement for the equipment, consumables, maintenance, and labor with annual capped price increase allowance. The catalog with item availability may be updated on annual basis as needed.

How to Order

Please make sure to follow special instruction when utilizing this agreement, this will help the efficiency, Order Processing responsiveness and ultimately cost savings.

When submitting a Requisition, the requestor must reference the following within the line description:

  • Account #: Every lab has designated location identifier.
  •  Lab’s Manager Full Name
  • Reference Department/ Location Codes: 17595, 72082, 90694, 92597
  • Contract Reference: PUR – 02571
  • Blanket POs without an official quote, the end-user must list main items that will be purchased, or services needed.

Use these category codes:

  • Category 93862 Lab Equip: Maint & Repair (acct 761001)
  • Category 93863 Lab Equip- Specialized (maint & repair acct 761001)
  • Category 96222 Chemical Laboratory Services (acct 711913 Misc Charges)
  • Category 97952 and 97953: Laboratory Equipment and Accessories (mapped to rental of equip 711401)
  • Category 49043 Laboratory and Scientific Equip (F&E under $5K acct 711903)
  • Category 17595 Water Purification Apparatus (lab supplies acct 773604)


Evoqua Water Technologies LLC Contact

Anibal Roman
Evoqua’s Main Telephone 1 (800) 466-7873

FIU Procurement Specialist

Cheryl Cobb



Contract Information

FIU University -Wide Lab Contract – PUR-02571


Contract valid > 6/16/2024

Special Notes

The PO must be submitted for every fiscal year, do not submit multiyear agreements.

Terms and Conditions will not require signatures or to be routed by TCM ‘Total Contract Manager’ for each new quote request. Terms and Conditions are fully executed under the established contract referenced.

Discounted products with allowance of 3% increase annually.  No additional charges for fuel.